The Benefits of a Detoxifying Tea

Sit back, relax, and sip some detoxifying tea… it’s the easiest way to flush your body from harmful toxins and chemicals.

The air we breath, the foods we eat, the water we drink… they all contain various chemicals and toxins that our bodies absorb. It’s virtually impossible to avoid them all, and we’re left to fight them and get them out of our system before any long-term damage is done. Drinking a tasty herb and spice blended detoxifying tea, they act as natural antioxidants and cleansers, slowly flushing harmful toxins out of your liver, spleen, kidneys, colon, blood, bowels, intestinal track, and more. According to Wikipedia, a detoxifying tea can help increase your health, energy, and a sense of well being.

Choosing A Detoxifying Tea
The human body has seven organs that can assist in removing toxins through a detoxification process, which include the skin, colon, liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, and immune system. Detoxifying tea blends include particular herbs that focus on particular organ (or organs), and assist in cleansing the toxins from it. The trick is to know which organs need cleansing (or detoxifying) and then selecting a herbal blend that will be most effective.

Detoxifying Tea and Weight Loss
Detox diets and teas typically contain fewer calories and assist in fasting, which can help you lose weight quickly. Some scientific data suggests that heavy concentrations of toxins are stored in your fat cells. While dieting or losing weight, these toxins are released back into your body and can hamper fat loss by decreasing thyroid (T3 conversion) or reducing your metabolism. Detoxifying tea blends help to flush the toxins from your fat cells, therefore reducing the chance of thyroid and metabolism issues.